Lubricant Production

We have a production plant located in Myanmar that contributes to the local supply of lubricants, where there is an ever-growing demand.

Automotive oils: used to lubricate all the moving parts of motor vehicles and transmissions, following one of our company's values: technological innovation. Our products comply with the most demanding quality standards and guidelines.

Automotive Oils


In addition to producing oils, our plants also provide other services that are essential to be able to supply them: Our Plant has tanks for storing mineral and synthetic oils, additives, and finished oils.

We have facilities that analyze the raw materials, the intermediate products and, of course, the finished products prior to sale in order to ensure they fulfill the most stringent requirements.

Quality control

ZEM Service Philosophy

Safety, Efficiency, Expertise, and Cost Effectiveness are the four pillars of our service philosophy. Our partners expect, and we deliver, safety trained solar experts that know what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, safely, and within budget.

Our teams understand that our performance has a direct impact on our client’s success and they are “Here to Serve ” their interests and maintain the strong reputation ZEM has built by delivering best results.